How to Know If You Are Suffering From Vaginal Mesh Complications

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How to Know If You Are Suffering From Vaginal Mesh Complications

Lawyer4Help helps women file Bladder sling lawsuit in USA who have gone through vaginal mesh complications. We provide the best lawyers who have experience in legal proceedings on these cases and reaching a fair settlement.

Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when childbirth and such conditions wear out the tissue in the pelvic area which leads to pain and discomfort. Doctor recommends mesh surgery in the time of an emergency.

Tansvaginal mesh, also known as pelvic mesh or bladder sling. It is a surgical material made of non-absorbable/absorbable synthetic polypropylene that is used to give an extra support to pelvic organ. It is implanted during a surgical procedure for mending a weakened and damaged pelvic organ.

Although, the mesh surgery causes severe complications on account of the problems linked with the procedure. According to FDA, surgical mesh complications are frequent to encounter and ultimately reclassified the use of mesh from moderate to severe risk.

Complications you may face

Frequent complications reported so far from transvaginal surgery include:

Vaginal mesh erosion


Pelvic and near organ perforation

Vaginal Shrinkage

Urinary problems

Neuro-muscular problem

Trouble walking

Fever on and off


Weight loss

Some of the news reported in the past where women faced urinary issues where every time they laugh, cough, sneeze or part in activities that create extra pressure, causing a small amount of urine to leak. In some cases, it was frequently identified that women wore sanitary pads in defense.

Based on Doctor Raz's experience, 20 to 30% of complications he named as “lupus type”, results in runny nose, muscle pain, fogginess and lethargy.

Primary reason behind facing difficulty is when the mesh starts eroding in the vagina. This makes the mesh slip off of the implanted position and lead to harming pelvic organs and its surroundings.

Symptoms of mesh complications

Vaginal mesh complication symptoms occur within week or month of the surgery which include:

Painful intercourse

Vaginal bleeding

Intensifying urinary incontinence

Vaginal discharge and pain

These symptoms worsen over time. It’s required to become aware of the symptoms and take prompt actions before it’s late. Besides medical treatment, it’s needed to spread awareness and get justice from it. Bladder Sling lawsuits helped many women and brought them to justice by huge settlements.

Recommendations for women who face complications

Consult a specialist in this area with significant surgical skills and start medical treatment at the earliest.

Other than this as you’ve learned how claiming an amount from companies is beneficial. It not just fulfills your financial loss but stimulates your mental state with a sense of fairness and aids to share knowledge vastly.

Let’s get into a few facts.

Women who have sued companies over vaginal mesh have pulled off success of at least around $300 million. By 2017, many companies had settled thousands of demands for millions of people.

There was a case of Sherise Grant among many women who had faced urinary problems, she pulled off a settlement of $8 billion.

One patient has achieved a victory of $41 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson. Other times the jury awarded millions of dollars to patients. In the meantime, 108,008 lawsuits have been filed in the MDLs and reaching settlements.

In August 2021, FDA banned Boston Scientific and Coloplast devices for transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse to be available for commercial use.

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