Common Myths about JUUL Vapes

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Common Myths about JUUL Vapes

Common Myths about JUUL Vapes

JUUL e-cigarettes also known as vaporizers are most used in electronics devices these days. E-cigarettes are skyrocketing in youngsters and they are using them limitlessly. These nicotine-based e-cigarettes are very popular in middle and high school youngsters, increasing addiction and health harm.

People who use e-cigarettes are addicted to them or it is addictive like normal or traditional cigarettes. There are many myths or some wrong information about JUUL or e-cigarettes, so let’s clear some up once and for all. Keep reading for truths to counter the most common myths about JUUL Vapes.

Myth 1- Using E-cigarettes are harmless: When we talk about early research, it shows e-cigarettes to be slightly less harmful than cigarettes, e-cigarettes are by no means harmless. It contains nicotine that is more harmful to health as it is highly addictive as impacts quality of life.

We know the negative impacts of e-cigarettes in the short term. The use has been shown to increase the heart rate and blood pressure, promote blood clots; and once you become addicted, it is hard, painful, and expensive to quit.

JUUL vapes are full of nicotine or much more nicotine than other e-cigarettes. JUUL promises to help to quit smoking but failing in the same way by making you addicted to it.

Non-smokers who use e-cigarettes daily are almost twice as likely to have a heart attack as people who don’t use e-cigarettes. There have even been reports of serious burns and other injuries caused by e-cigarette malfunctions and explosions.

Myth 2- Juul is legal and Government approved: Juul’s advertisement and popularity have many to believe that e-cigarettes must be considered safe to use by the people in charge, and have passed all the necessary regulatory hurdles. But this is not true in many cases as we all know how JUUL inspiring people to use more and more.

Long many times ago city, state, and other health agencies paid little attention to JUUL but in 2019, as the risks associated with vaporizer use started coming to light, health associates started their investigation to know how JUUL vaporizers could be sold, and what kind of products they could sell.

And this is just the start where we saw how nicotine badly affects us or how vaporizers work and what effect they could have on the body. Juul’s advertising and marketing establish the reputation of their product in the minds of consumers as a safe, legal, and uncomplicated alternative to traditional cigarettes, but now we know better.

Myth 3 - E-cigarettes do not contain nicotine: Many people think that e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine and it is not bad to use e-cigarettes. But most e-cigarettes contain nicotine or even many e juices contain high concentrations of nicotine.

If we take an example then individual e-cigarettes contain the same amount of nicotine as other cigarettes. People who use e-cigarettes get addicted to them or become infected. E-cigarettes are addictive like normal cigarettes because they are contaminated with nicotine which is a highly addictive drug.

Youth and adults are getting more addicted to nicotine and all the time their mind thinks about that one drug. If we talk about age, then people of any age can develop an addiction to nicotine. Now if we think that JUUL helps to quit smoking, then you should think twice.

Myth 4 - JUUL only sells to adults: If you believe that JUUL only sells to adults, then walk into a high schoolyard or middle school playground and you’ll see a far different story. Young and adults are some of the most enthusiastic adopters of JUUL vapes. According to one research, more than 3.5 million teens use the e-cigarette in 2018.

JUUL marketing knows all the bad effects also the advertising and marketing of the company who encourages all to use the product more often. The company creates pods in sweet and fruity flavors or advertises on channels to attract teens and sends their representatives to visit schools to promote JUUL’s as a safe product.

If we talk about JUUL, then demand is increasing. Children and kids are diverting from e-cigarettes to the traditional ones that are not good as the purpose of using e-cigarettes are different and people are using them in different ways.

According to research, teens and children are more addicted and using e-cigarettes compared to adults. So as per the results on kids, using nicotine is affecting the brain and other parts of the body adversely.

Conclusion:- Here with this blog, we have countered some myths about JUUL devices. There are many misconceptions about JUUL devices, but the truth is these devices are not good for health and lead to many health issues. For more advice related to JUUL or e-cigarettes, contact Lawyer4help.

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