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“Lawyer4help is for your justice who believes in fighting for your case since the last 10 years. We established in 2011 when we found many people are seeking justice against the defective drugs and medical devices. We help people with the best attorneys.“


“To connect patients with the best attorneys to help them in order to provide their deserved claim in a convenient way.”


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Lawyer4help helping since 2011 in fighting for the patient’s deserved claims. Working in one of the law firms helped me in developing a sense of working in law areas. While collecting experience in the law world, I got to know about some American people who were facing negative health issues due to the defective medical device and medications. I couldn’t resist myself to find out the reason and so I did my research. I found the patients were looking for compensation but the process was not so easy or facing trouble in finding good attorneys who can fight for them. With that, I began to help patients by connecting patients to the best attorneys in the US. Now we are just dedicated towards helping patients with their deserved claims by connecting directly to the good and experienced attorneys.


Pradip Ingale

“I joined Lawyer4help as an employee and through my dedication towards the compensation process and making it more convenient for the patients with team handling skills. Alok Koshti offered me to become one of the Co-founders. They offered this opportunity because of my dedication towards the mission of the Lawyer4help as I was able to handle a good number of people effectively which brings harmony and makes it easy for the compensation process with convenience.It is our mission to help patients.“

Tushar Sharma

“I started working under Alok Koshti in 2012 by which now became one of the Co-founders of Lawyer4help. This became possible because of my knowledge towards medical devices and other medications. Not only that but Alok Koshti saw a fire in me in helping people for their deserved claims. With work dedication and my insights towards medical devices and medication, I was able to understand the real problem happening with patients due to the defective medical device and medication. Since THEN, NOW and WILL feel fulfilled when I work to help the patients.“