Glen Mills Sexual Abuse Lawsuit- There’s Still Time to File Lawsuit in 2021

News >Glen Mills Sexual Abuse Lawsuit- There’s Still Time to File Lawsuit in 2021

Glen Mills Sexual Abuse Lawsuit- There’s Still Time to File Lawsuit in 2021

Glen Mills Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Children who were sent to the school named Glen Mills Schools went through years of abuse from the school’s educators and counsellors. In 2019, vacation time the school sent its students home and the campus was completely closed by investigators for investigations and lawsuits.

According to an investigation released in June 2020, Glen Mills Schools failed to comply with the “Child Protective Services Law” and also lacked policies and training which is related to reporting abuse, all of these factors put the safety and well-being of students at risk. DePasquale said that if abuse is even suspected to have occurred, then according to the law it requires staff to report it immediately

The Glen Mills School did not agree with the treatment of the students when in February 2019 the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article about abuse against students over decades.

After then, the school’s former director, nearly its entire staff and all of its students have left the 193-year-old school. Students were removed under an emergency order from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, and 14 of the school’s licenses have been revoked.

After all this, the school has been hit with several individual and class-action lawsuits. Many former students have come forward with different allegations of sexual assault, rape, physical abuse, and cover-ups of that abuse at the institution.

What is Glen Mills School ?

The Glen Mills Schools is a privately run non-profit youth detention centre which is located near Glen Mills in Thornbury Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania and also known as the oldest school in the U.S.

In this school, the boys between ages 12 to21 are sent to the centre, in which they offer customized world-class education and a tradition of excellence since 1826, as they have mentioned on the school website.

According to the school’s website, the school was founded in 1826 and was originally named the Philadelphia House of Refuge basically for the students to provide services to youth who were in trouble or facing any issues.

According to research and surveys, the school had another darker tradition for decades, which is speaking out by the men and boys who are former students of the school that is the routine abuse of its students.

When Did the Glen Mills School Abuse Occur ?

In 1826, the school was founded as the Philadelphia House of Refuge, after some time in 1892, Glen Mills School relocated to the current location in Delaware County, Penn and became known as Glen Mills in 1911. The actual mission of the school is to help those students who are in trouble, but former students claim that the school has also one bad side of strong physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

According to lawsuits that have been filed against the school, students repeat abuse which was back to at least 1976, and as recently as 2018, throwing the school’s entire history into question.

When to file a Glen Mills School abuse lawsuit ?

If you or a loved one who physically or sexually abused or mistreated you at Glen Mills School then you could be eligible to receive financial compensation.

According to one survey of Glen Mills School determined the faculty violated Pennsylvania’s abuse laws, the Delaware County Daily Times reported. The audit found the school lacked proper record keeping of employee background checks and training. The school was also faulted for not listening to the students effectively report abuse allegations, according to the Daily Times.

Have any Glen Mills School lawsuits been filed ?

So far, many former students at the school have filed lawsuits against the allegations of rape, physical abuse, and cover-ups. Indeed, nearly 800 men and boys have already said about the abuse they allege occurred during their time at Glen Mills, with filing individual and class action lawsuits.

What claim can you file from a Glen Mills School lawsuit ?

As we know that there are several damages that victims of abuse at Glen Mills can claim which includes physical, emotional, and mental damages. The effects of the child last for an entire lifetime so survivors deserve better compensation and for their pain acknowledged. Contact Lawyer4help to file the lawsuit.

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