Juries awarded more than $100m to cancer victims who used talcum powder

News > Juries awarded more than $100m to cancer victims who used talcum powder

Juries awarded more than $100m to cancer victims who used talcum powder

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Does the use of talcum powder result in ovarian cancer? This question cost $65,000 or maybe we can say the $100 million question.

Two juries this year have said awarded a combined total of $127 million which is $55 million and $72 million in two separate talc powder ovarian cancer trials to the cancer victims due to the use of Johnson & Johnson talcum powder.

Over 1,200 victims have filed suit from the different states against Johnson & Johnson charging that it includes substances like asbestos in talc powder which results in ovarian cancer.

According to St. Louis, two jury verdicts on the books are saying that Johnson & Johnson will work to settle more claims rather than taking them to trial.

How does talcum powder result in ovarian cancer ?

There are different medical studies or more than 20, which tells that the woman who uses talcum powder results in ovarian cancer.

Some studies have shown that women who used talcum powder were 33% more likely to develop ovarian cancer than women who did not use it.

Studies appear to indicate that talcum powder increases the risk of ovarian cancer as it causes swelling when applied to the genital area. Also, talcum powder particles can migrate to a woman’s ovaries and fallopian tubes, which can be the result of additional inflammation.

The proof for talc that is the result of ovarian cancer emerged in the early 1980s.

As time passed and with some recent case studies, it has been made clear that those women who applied talcum powder to their bodies suffered cancer at higher rates compared to other women who never used talc-containing products. But if we talk about the danger then it was particularly higher in African American women, to whom Johnson & Johnson marketed talcum powder during the 1990s.

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Johnson & Johnson may have had an idea about ovarian cancer risk for decades ?

The first study which was published in 1971 indicates that there could be a possible link between talc powder and ovarian cancer.

Yes, you read it right - in 1971, three decades ago. According to the study, researchers get to know that ovarian tumors had found the talc particles in them.

According to the study in1982, researchers found that women who are using talc powder in the ovulation period had a risk of 92% of developing ovarian cancer.

So the question comes here is did Johnson & Johnson do anything to inform consumers? Did they mention this risk on talc powder bottles? The ramifications? Well, the answer is No. They didn’t mention anything which caused thousands of women now to develop ovarian cancer and facing the battle of their lives.

Some stories with different names

Talc powder contains many finned fibrous material which is very similar to mined asbestos material, and both substances were found similar when viewed microscopically. The tiny fibrous material can easily be inhaled.

Here one story is also for railroad workers who faced many horrible diseases like mesothelioma after breathing in toxic asbestos fibers while working for the big railroads. The railroads learned about the link between asbestos and cancer in the 1950s but they did nothing to improve worker's safety.

Johnson & Johnson were known to have the risk of ovarian cancer which can be caused by their talc product, but they took no action to alert consumers.

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