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Juul agrees to pay $40M to settle north carolina teen vaping lawsuit

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Juul agreed to pay $40 million to settle North Carolina's teen vaping lawsuit. Juul agreed to change its business practices and will pay $40 million to settle charges that the e-cigarette maker created a teen vaping epidemic.

A class action lawsuit was filed in 2014 by the state of North Carolina on behalf of around 9,000 students in the state who either took Juul pods or used third party sites to promote them. The lawsuit alleged that the company violated the state’s tobacco and youth smoking laws by advertising its product to underage people.

The settlement also requires Juul to pay $10 million to each of the state's 22 school districts that have taken action against the company. Juul agreed to pay $8 million to aid in the education of North Carolina students who have suffered from an e-cigarette.

What is a Juul e-Cigarette ?

Juul is a device that looks similar to the nicotine e-cigarette. But, unlike the nicotine e-cigarette, Juul is not a tobacco product. It's a device that uses a vaping liquid and electronic coils that produce vapor and flavor the way traditional cigarettes do.

Problem in relation to Juul at North carolina

Juul has been trying to get into the US market, and it has been trying to get away from the tobacco laws. Meanwhile, other e-cigarette companies like Juul Labs have been allowed to sell their products in the US without having to follow the same rules as traditional cigarettes.

But the deal came after years of vehement accusations and criticism that Juul deliberately and brilliantly targeted teens in his marketing and advertising campaigns, which critics say were directly responsible for the rise in teen vaping

Result of North carolina lawsuit

Juul Labs Inc. was forced to pay a $40 million settlement to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to settle a class action lawsuit filed by as many as 2.5 million students as a result of the company’s e-cigarette claims, the AG announced Friday.

With the establishment of Juuls, the company will no longer be allowed to use marketing or advertising methods aimed at people under the age of 21, especially the use of social media marketing, partnerships with influential people, and sponsorship of events are prohibited.

The millions of dollars Juul will pay to the state will be used to fund programs to help people quit smoking, prevent e-cigarette addiction, and research e-cigarettes. The US$40 million that Juul will pay will be used in a series of social programs to help people quit smoking, prevent e-cigarette addiction and research e-cigarettes.

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