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In most personal injury cases, a lawyer’s pay is on a "contingency fee agreement” which means that the lawyer gets paid if the case ends in a settlement or victory. There is some small amount, a quarter or half percent of fees collected for victories in personal injury cases, but it is only a small percentage. If the case fails to go to court, the lawyer gets paid nothing at all.

Some lawyers prefer the contingency fee arrangement, but many lawyers do not. Some fee arrangements such as "50/50" or "10/10" is another option for personal injury lawyers.

As an example, if a client needed an emergency room exam for injuries, the personal injury lawyer would get paid 50% of the fees collected, if the client's case ended in a settlement or a win. If the case ended in a loss, the personal injury lawyer would get nothing at all. The fee amounts would be based on the percentage of the settlement or win.

In more complicated personal injury cases, the percentage can change, based on the amount of the personal injury award, the attorney's fee percentage, and other factors. Some personal injury attorneys have special practices for personal injury cases. It is usually the fee percentage that determines the fee for an attorney, and the percentage is determined based on the client's fee.

Costs and expenses in a personal injury case include Attorneys, filing fees, depositions, copying fees, expenses, and fees. Most costs are paid by the plaintiff or defendant. The judge will often take into consideration "costs and expenses" in determining the number of fees to be paid to the lawyer for representing the defendant in personal injury cases. But fees can be much lower if a lawyer asks for a waiver of some fees or charges. A 50 percent fee, for example, could be turned into a 35 percent fee for a waiver of one or more fees.

The cost of filing a lawsuit for personal injury is $1,000. The cost of the minimum required fee for most personal injury cases is $1,500. Those costs include filing fees, depositions, and court fees. And in many cases, it is necessary to reserve legal representation for a certain number of depositions. The lawsuit for personal injury can cost between $20,000 and $60,000.

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